Waste management

Waste management is the entirety of the planned actions and organizations that aim to avoid and reduce waste materials or treat waste materials, with particular attention being paid to economic efficiency.
According to the Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrW / AbfG), all movable items that the owner wants to dispose of or whose orderly disposal is required to protect the general public, in particular the protection of the environment, are considered to be waste.
From a practical point of view, the concept of waste can be defined in different ways:

Waste is given if it makes a negative contribution to the achievement of the operational goals, if it is no longer given any economic value in a company-specific manner or if it cannot be returned to the economic process, but is attributed to it
is to be destroyed or eliminated.

Waste is all non-targeted amounts of material and energy that arise or are released in the course of the operational performance process. It includes waste as well as reusable or usable materials as residues or valuable materials.

Waste management is part of material disposal.

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