Warranty Service Policy

Defenition warranty service policy

The warranty service policy is a form of Product policy. Guarantee commitments give products a competitive advantage if they are more likely to convince potential customers, ie serve as a sales argument.

They are particularly important for technically complex and high-quality goods, e.g. B. with regard to the proper functioning of passenger cars with regard to the rust perforation or the durability of the paintwork.


The guarantee is to be distinguished from the guarantee. This means that the seller is liable to the buyer that the goods sold do not have defects at the time of handover that reduce the value or function of the goods or make them impossible.

Warranty Rights

The design of the warranty rights takes place through the formulation of Guarantee conditions on the part of the seller. With this guarantee promise, the seller assumes the obligation to take responsibility for any damage that may arise. This is part of the sales contract.

If the seller or the manufacturer assumes a guarantee for the quality of the item, the buyer is entitled to the rights from the guarantee in addition to the statutory guarantee claims. The guarantee claims exist under the conditions specified in the guarantee declaration and the relevant advertising vis-à-vis the person who has granted the guarantee (cf. § 443 Paragraph 1 BGB).

Dealer guarantee

The dealer guarantee can be agreed either in addition to or instead of the seller's statutory warranty obligation. In both cases, the drafting of the contract must meet the requirements of §§ 305 ff. BGB.

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