Warehouse management: goals and tasks

Jeder business ist unterschiedlich hinsichtlich der Beschaffung, der Erstellung von Leistungen und dem Absatz dieser Leistungen. Daraus und aus der Art der erstellten Leistungen ergeben sich unterschiedliche Aufgaben und ein unterschiedlicher Umfang der Warehousing.
It stands to reason that a service company such as B. a building cleaning company or a credit institute, only operate a small amount of warehousing, while a trading company or industrial company with a very large range maintains an extensive warehouse.

The warehouse management must always guarantee the performance and delivery capability of the company by providing the required materials, semi-parts, finished products or merchandise.

Depending on the operational purpose, the warehouse fulfills the following tasks:

Bridging functions arise in terms of space and time due to irregularities in the procurement market. The camp has a temporal compensation function z. B. with seasonally produced goods such as fruit and vegetables. A price bridging function arises, for example, if the supplier's price can be reduced through high orders (volume discount).
The warehouse fulfills processing and ripening functions in order to make goods salable (e.g. cheese or wine).

The warehouse fulfills a speculative function when materials are stored in order to avoid imminent price increases. For example, companies will strive for higher stocks, especially in the event of foreseeable crises that could affect raw material markets (e.g. crude oil, copper).

The warehouse for production, trade and the service industry fulfills a safeguarding function for equal employment and the ability to deliver. Both the service process and the sales area are thus secured against disruptions or unexpected high demand. Remains z. If, for example, a supplier's truck is at the border due to a strike, production can be interrupted.
In trade, the warehouse has an assortment creation function. An office wholesaler guarantees z. B. with approx. 40,000 different articles his customers the compilation of a delivery of different office supplies at any time. This service is only possible by stocking the appropriate assortments and quantities.

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