Income tax aid association

Income tax relief associations are self-help institutions run by employees to help their members in matters of income tax. You are therefore only authorized to provide limited tax advice, in particular for advice on income from non-self-employed work, income tax, child benefit and home ownership allowances.
There are strict formal and material requirements for recognition as a wage tax aid association (§ 14 StBerG), which is decided by the regional finance directorate. She also oversees the association. Duties are imposed on the income tax aid associations, namely the duty to record, the duty to conduct business reviews, confidentiality, conscientiousness, renouncement of advertising and the exercise of activities in so-called advice centers. The addressees of the income tax aid associations are limited.

The members to be advised may only receive income from non-self-employed work and other income from recurring payments or maintenance payments. The power to advise on income tax and its annex taxes, the application for home ownership or Investment allowance as well as tax matters relating to Family burden equalization are still possible.

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