Value chain

Also known as: Value chain

If the entrepreneurial service provision is presented on a highly aggregated level, i.e. in an overall view, and then broken down into sub-areas that follow one another in the logic of the service provision (vertical structure), and the respective economic success and the respective competitive position are determined in detail for these sub-areas , the value chain is created.

The value chain represents the total value of the process of service creation for a group of products or services or for the entire company. It shows the value-creating activities and the respective profit margin.
Die Wertschöpfungskette fördert das Verständnis für den Prozeß der Leistungserstellung insgesamt und erlaubt es, zu erkennen, in welchen Teilbereichen die Unternehmung eine starke Marktposition hat und in welchen Teilbereichen sie eher schwach ist. Die Wertschöpfungskette liefert damit Ansätze für die Wahl der bei den Gliedern jeweils passenden Competitive strategy (Differenzierung oder Kostenführerschaft).

In order to create a business administration apprenticeship that ties in with this, PORTER has designed a generic value chain. This is a value chain that represents a typical production company in its various activities.

The links in the value chains of direct business partners are connected to the value chain of a company, so that a connection can be established from the raw material markets to the end consumers by connecting several value chains. However, this view is strongly related to the processing of material resources and the material flow in production: raw materials are extracted, various intermediate products are created, and then finally products for the end consumer.
The concept of the value chain therefore stems from the old economy and, for a company with a high vertical concentration, would like to show which of the chain links should perhaps be better outsourced.

Die Ideen der Division of labor haben sich in der New Economy noch verstärkt. Besonders im Bereich des E-Commerce wird von der Aufspaltung der Wertschöpfungskette (deconstruction of the value chain) gesprochen. Die Geschäftsmodelle in der New Economy sehen einen auf mehrere Unternehmungen aufgespaltenen Prozeß der Leistungserstellung vor. Jede Unternehmung konzentriert sich auf eine oder einige wenige Aktivitäten.

However, in the New Economy, the division of labor does not take place along the steps of the material flow, but on competencies and knowledge pacts that are not linearly linked (like the links in a chain). The concept of the value chain is therefore seen as less suitable for providing suggestions for the specialization and division of labor that is also required in the knowledge society.

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