What is Typosquatting?
Typosquatting is a questionable technique used by a cybersquatter to attract website traffic by redirecting common typos of popular search terms or large websites to their own websites.

Cybersquatters can attempt to sell products, install malware on a user's computer, or even make a political statement to the contrary. The extreme version of typosquatting is similar to phishing, in which an impostor website mimics a real site, giving the user the false impression that they accessed the correct webpage.
Typosquatting is also known as URL hijacking. An example of this is when Google is misspelled as “Goggle.com” or “Goolee.com”. In both cases, the user clearly wants to go to Google, not typosquatter's website.

Domain names that are proper names such as personal or company names are often misspelled and are therefore often exploited by typosquatters. To sue, those who own the real website must prove that the similar domain name is being used in bad faith.

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