Types of job references

The types of job references can be differentiated according to various criteria.

After the reference period of the job reference

Provisional job reference
It is a job reference that is issued before the employee leaves the company and therefore does not refer to the entire period of the employment relationship.

Final job reference
It is an employment reference that covers the entire period of the employment relationship and is drawn up when it is concluded. It can be preceded by a preliminary certificate, the wording of which, however, does not have to be adopted.

The provisional certificate is often equated with the interim certificate, which is incorrect because this is issued in the event of an employment relationship that has not been terminated, e.g. B. in the event of a transfer or a change of manager.

According to the content of the job reference

Simple job reference
It is only a confirmation from the employer about the type and duration of the employment without information about the performance and management. Statements about the reason and the modality of the termination may only be made if the employee so wishes. It also includes the minimum content already described.

Qualified job reference
It must be issued at the request of the employee and, in addition to the simple certificate, includes the employee's performance and management, i.e. in addition to the minimum content, the following are added accordingly:

Assessment of work performance willingness to perform / technical ability, if necessary further training / work success / working method.

Assessment of social behavior: behavior towards superiors and employees / possibly leadership behavior / behavior towards third parties, e.g. B. Customers. The assessment is often made with the help of special formulations.

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