Trunking (computer science)

What is trunking?
Trunking is a technique used in data communication transmission systems to give many users access to a network by sharing multiple lines or frequencies. As the name suggests, the system is like a tree with one trunk and many branches. Trunking is commonly used in very high frequency (VHF) radio and telecommunications systems.

Trunking can also be defined as a network that processes multiple signals at the same time. The data transmitted via trunking can be audio, video, control signals or images.

Telecommunications networks around the world are based on trunking. Trunking reduces the size of a telecommunications network and increases the bandwidth. The VHF radio used by police and control centers is also based on trunking.
In den letzten Jahren hat sich die Datenkommunikation rasant entwickelt, einschließlich der Schaffung des Konzepts der Bündelfunkverbindung. Benutzer teilen Verbindungen miteinander, wo Trunking angewendet wird, so dass die Verbindungen weniger dicht und verständlicher sind. Trunking verwendet Communication media parallel zu erhöhter Bandbreite und Kommunikationsgeschwindigkeit.

Trunking is the mechanism used to form an internetwork, or Internet, made up of local area networks (LANs), virtual LANs (VLANs), or wide area networks (WANs). The switches are interconnected to build these networks using trunking. Trunking is not limited to any medium as its main purpose is to maximize the available bandwidth on any type of network.

Cisco networks have trunk ports and access ports. The trunk port enables data traffic for all VLANs or each of the VLANs. However, the access ports allow traffic to only be transmitted to a specified VLAN. The trunk ports use the tagging process while transferring data. Each marker is checked by a switch to analyze which switch is receiving the traffic. Access ports do not have a tag as they transmit or transfer data to a specific VLAN.

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