What is Tru2way?
Tru2way is the brand name for a software platform that enables set-top box functions to be integrated into televisions and other visual devices. It is a digital media platform that enables the delivery of interactive digital content over a cable video network.

This interactive digital content can include interactive displays, interactive program guides, chat portals, interactive games, web browsers, and query systems. This technology helps improve TV and other visual entertainment platforms by reducing the number of remote devices used for each device.
The Tru2way software platform was developed by Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. The Tru2way platform enables users to access digital services, including video-on-demand (VOD) and pay-per-view programming, without subscribing to a digital cable operator.

This platform can be used to create more plug and play wired devices, as well as develop and deliver new types of on-demand interactive television content. Tru2way technology, previously known as OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP), enables digital televisions and other visual devices to be connected to cables without the need for a set-top box. When this software (also known as middleware) is used within these devices, they can provide all kinds of fresh, interactive programming options.

From a Tru2way-enabled TV, customers can do the following:

- Vote for a participant using the remote control
- View the caller IDs on the TV screen
- Send text messages through the TV screen
- Get instant notifications on the latest programs
- Participate in customer interactive ads

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