Trojan dialer

What is Trojan Dialer?
A trojan dialer is a type of dialer that is used to commit fraud. It's malicious software in disguise. A dialer can also cause internet dumping, which means losing your normal internet connection and dialing another number, such as the 1900 premium tariff or an IDD (International Direct Dialing) number. This causes users to be charged dearly per minute.
Ein Dialer ist ein Computerprogramm, das über eine analoge Telefonverbindung oder ein ISDN-Netzwerk (Integrated Services Digital Network) eine Verbindung mit dem Internet oder einem Computer network herstellt. Ein Dialer wird häufig von Internet Service Providern (ISP) verwendet, um eine Internetverbindung zu seinen Nicht-Breitbandteilnehmern aufzubauen.

Trojan dialers are often installed on a user's computer without the user's consent or knowledge. A user will usually carelessly download the dialer while visiting dangerous websites such as pornography, games, file sharing, software cracks, and illegal downloads of music and / or software. These dangerous websites often ask the user to install the software in order to gain access to the website.

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