Transaction analysis

Transactional Analysis - An approach to psychotherapy applied to explaining and shaping interactions in in-person sales. This analysis assumes that every person has three ego states:

  • Parent I (program person)
  • Adult self (mind person)
  • Childhood I (feeling person)

The respective ego state of a person can be recognized by verbal and non-verbal expressions (body language). Every message from a certain ego state provokes a reaction from the communication partner from the same or a different ego state. A distinction must be made between open and hidden as well as parallel and cross transactions:

Parallel transactions take place between the same ego states of the persons concerned. In these cases communication is easy.

Cross-over transactions are characterized by the fact that the statements and replies are made from different ego states. Such transactions usually lead to resentment among the communication partner.

Concealed transactions are messages that resonate with open transactions, which address a second ego state of the communication partner through emotionally arousing words and body language utterances. The hidden transactions usually determine the outcome of discussions or negotiations.

The application of transaction analysis in sales discussions requires intensive training of the salesperson. The problem is that transaction analysis can be used by sellers against the interests of customers.

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