Training outside of the workplace

The training can take place outside the location where the employee performs his or her duties. It is also known as off-the-job training. Possibilities can be:

Methods of training outside the workplace


If the lecturer does not read from the paper, the group members are usually very attentive. The lecture opens up opportunities for social communication.


The lecturer has the opportunity to combine concentrated statements about a comprehensive area of Wiasens with scientific formulations. The listeners can get tired.

Doctrinal talk

The learning materials are actively developed in a dialogue between the teacher and the group. Participants can ask questions and discuss the content conveyed.

Case study

It contains practical situations and problems for which a proposed solution has to be worked out. In doing so, analytical skills and willingness to act are developed.

role playing game

The learner should cope with a concrete problem situation by taking on a role. This gives him an understanding of other people's point of view.

Business game

Adaptation to problematic situations is practiced here. The simulation game is carried out over several periods. The participants have to analyze the situations given by the game master and make decisions, the effects of which are communicated after each period.

Programmed instruction

It is carried out as active self-study. Learning is carried out in the step sequence information - question - answer - control. The correctness of the answers can be checked independently (personal learning success control). This increases the willingness to continue learning. The disadvantage is that the learner cannot ask any questions.

Group contact

The ability of the participants to work in a team is improved through self-experience in close contact between the participants and through advice from the trainer. You will gain insights into the determinants of your own behavior. There may be frustrations and uncertainties.


It is a working conference in open communication for the development of ambitious objectives in order to find new ideas for problem solutions.

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