Training on the job

With on-the-job training, knowledge is imparted directly at the workplace. Direct application of the skills learned consolidates them and applies them effectively.

What is on-the-job training suitable for?

This form of training is particularly suitable for people who are to be trained as successors or deputies. In particular, if the new field of activity is very extensive, intensive training is helpful or often necessary. In such cases, the training may take several months.

How is training carried out on the job?

Familiarization with the new field of work takes place directly at the workplace by a coach. This measure is extended by seminars that are tailored directly to the field of activity.

The training takes place directly at the workplace that is to be occupied later. In this way, the skills learned can be used and tested immediately. The tried and tested processes solidify and questions that arise can be clarified immediately.


  • On-the-job training is the imparting of knowledge directly at the workplace
  • Learning the new skills directly on the job
  • Supervision by a coach
  • suitable for a wide range of tasks
  • useful for training successors or deputies
  • the skills learned can be tested immediately
  • Questions can be asked at any time
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  • Training on the job

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