Training contract: legal basis and obligations

The legal basis for every training contract is the Berutsnllaungsgesetz. The training contract is a contract between a trainee and a training company. Training contracts may only be concluded by companies that have been approved by the competent authority as being suitable for training.
The chambers (e.g. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Crafts) are responsible for training. The apprenticeship contract must be in writing and be entered in the register of apprenticeships of the responsible chamber. The apprenticeship begins with a trial period of 1-3 months, during which both sides can terminate at any time without notice. According to this, the apprenticeship can only be terminated without notice for an important reason or by the trainee with a four-week notice period when giving up the vocational training.

Duties des Ausbildenden:

  • Ensure qualified training in accordance with the training framework plan
  • Pay training allowance
  • Duty of care (e.g. vacation)
  • Exemption from vocational school lessons

Obligations of the trainee:

  • Service within the framework of the training
  • Confidentiality about trade secrets
  • Obligation to obey in the context of training
  • Attending vocational school
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