Time management

The term time management defines various procedures that help to carry out tasks and appointments within a certain time frame. A distinction is made between personal management and time management.

Personal time management

Personal time management helps individuals and groups to optimize their time management with target-oriented techniques for planning or work. Time invariably passes and is the only resource that can be saved, wasted or regained. Hence, time management is a method of self-management and an appropriate work habit.

Time management methods

One of the strategies of personal time management is the processing of tasks according to urgency and importance. Large tasks are broken down into smaller tasks, while other tasks are delegated to others. It makes sense to create a daily plan that includes all tasks and time for additional tasks.

Completed tasks are ticked off to monitor success, which is an important motivational tool. This is also combined with the task management and, if possible, also perfected.

The structured and disciplined work is part of the personal responsibility of the employees. Personal time management is used to ensure this succeeds. A conventional calendar overview can already be used for this. Also the ALPS method, the 80:20 rule as well as that Eisenhower principle can be used in time management.

Which method the time management is carried out is of course up to each employee personally. Which strategy is ultimately used depends on personal experience or the complexity.

While some professionals can work well with a simple calendar system, others need fixed priorities. However, it is indisputable that everyone who wants to work effectively should use their personal time management as an aid.

Time management

Time management defines methods and measures that are used to determine, use and process work-related time data. This forms the basis for numerous forms of remuneration. Time management was important in the past.

There is currently an extension with regard to time-based management in the area of industrial engineering. This no longer refers exclusively to production and assembly, but also to the recording of all work processes.

In addition, there are more and more measures that are recorded under the term time management for recording, controlling the attendance and working time of employees and documentation relating to work management.


  • Time management a method of self-management
  • Methoden des Zeitmanagements: ALPS method, 80:20 Regel, Eisenhower principle
  • Time management defines methods / measures for work-related time data
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