Test analyst

What is a test analyst?
A test analyst is a person who plays a specific role in the software testing process. Generally, the test analyst works as part of a team with responsibility for evaluating test design and procedures throughout the test lifecycle.
Some of the main roles of a test analyst include defining test requirements, evaluating test coverage for a project, and reviewing overall quality as the test progresses.

The role of the test analyst can be quite broad; He can help identify test cases for automation, look at the scope of the project, and make sure processes are going as planned.

A test analyst requires analytical skills, an understanding of the software process, and knowledge of various software and hardware systems and environments. He / she may be involved in the allocation of roles or in some sort of shift that uses different strategies for the design and test processes and for processing the final results. All of this is part of sophisticated processes for checking the quality of software on its way to later release. Software tests are extremely important in order to minimize errors and malfunctions and to optimize the functionality of a new software product.

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