Temporary Internet files (TEMP files)

What are Temporary Internet Files (TEMP files)?
Temporary Internet Files (TEMP files) is a folder used by Microsoft Windows to store browser caches. The directory is often used by all installed web browsers, especially Internet Explorer, to store the content of web pages or websites that the user visits. It speeds up page loading from frequently visited websites and is also used for offline browsing.
When a user views a web page, the browser saves the content of the page in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Eventually, the size of this folder will get very large.

Therefore, users can recover valuable storage space by deleting some of the content. This task can be scheduled using the browser or performed manually.

It is also highly recommended that you clean the folder as malware applications like viruses and trojans are known to infect some files in this folder.

The Temporary Internet Files folder is also used by browsers to store pages for offline use. This allows users to view a website or webpage even when they are not connected to the Internet.

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