Temporal database

What is Temporal Database?
A temporal database is a database with certain functions that support the time-critical status for entries. If some databases are considered current databases and only support actual data that is considered valid at the time of use, a temporary database can determine when certain entries are accurate.
Starting in the early 1990s, development communities sought specific guidelines for temporary databases to represent timeframes for entries. Elements of temporal databases include indicators of “valid time” and “transaction time”.

Experts describe "valid time" as the time at which an entry is expected to be true or valid, and "transaction time" as an internal reference for databases. The valid time tables are also called "application time" tables, while transaction time tables can be referred to as "system version" tables.

Technologies like Oracle, Teradata and SQL have versions with temporary feature support.

Unterschiedliche Verwendungen von temporalen Datenbanken erfordern radikal unterschiedliche Entwicklungsarten. Zum Beispiel werden in einer Datenbank mit Kunden-, Patienten- oder Bürgerdaten Indikatoren für einzelne Personen einer Art Lebenszyklus-Zeitleiste consequences, die nach Zeitrahmen für Kommentar-Lebensereignisse erstellt werden kann.

In contrast, many industrial processes that use temporary databases require extremely short valid time and transaction timing indicators. These are rigidly implemented for different parts of business processes, depending on the length of time.

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