Telepresence for end users

What is telepresence for end users?
End-user telepresence refers to a set of technologies that help users feel better about themselves or be embedded in virtual environments while communicating digitally with others.

In the IT world, consumer telepresence refers to systems that enhance the basic video conferencing tools of yesterday. Some video telepresence tools improve e.g. These include, for example, the resolution for video conferencing platforms, adding new features to make video conferencing more realistic, or changing the hardware and software that conference users rely on to enhance a video or teleconferencing experience.

An example of a new telepresence technology is the video conferencing robot. These robots allow one user to control another user's screen so that they can more actively follow their movements on the screen. Other types of consumer telepresence tools include better and more reliable transmission of remote images. Part of today's telepresence world is the race between big tech companies to offer better services and platforms.

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