What is telepathology?
Telepathologie ist die Praxis der Wissenschaft der Pathologie aus der Ferne oder entfernt. Es ist ein Bereich der Telemedicine, der durch die Verwendung verschiedener Telekommunikationstechnologien erfolgt, um Daten wie bildreiche Pathologiedaten und medizinische Berichte an verschiedene Orte und Kollegen zu verteilen, um Fernstudien durchzuführen und eine Diagnose der Krankheit zu erhalten.
Telepathology is the practice of medical diagnosis through the use of digital transmission of pathological data. Recent advances in telecommunications technology and the Internet have made it easier and faster to share medical information among colleagues in different geographic locations.

The actual medical procedure, like a biopsy, can be done in one place, and then the samples are cut, enlarged, scanned and then sent digitally to remote colleagues. It can even be done in real time during surgery for an instant diagnosis.

Telepathology categories include:

Static Image Based System - As the name suggests, this system relies heavily on images from specialized medical equipment that can enlarge the sample or provide other types of medical images such as x-rays and CT scans.

Virtual slide system - this system can be used to scan pathological slides; The resulting high resolution images are then transmitted.

Real-time system - this system enables medical instruments or equipment, e.g. B. a robot-controlled microscope, can be remotely controlled by an operator to set the device as if it were locally available.

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