What is technodeterminism?
Technodeterminism is a reductionist theory developed by an American sociologist, Thorstein Veblen, which states that the improvement of cultural values and social structures in society is controlled by the technology that possesses it.
Technological advancement as a whole has become a key factor influencing change and history. Other technical terminologists include Clarence Ayes, John Dewey, and William Ogburn.

Technodeterminism is also known as technological determinism.

Some believe that the powerful impact technology has on various aspects of society is largely based on how much technology is and can be used. Technodeterminists believe that technology is the foundation of all human activity. The theory has been characterized as a way to identify technological advances as the main driver in the processes of social change.

According to the sociologist Claude Fischer, this theory is a “billiard ball” approach, in which technology is represented as the external force that causes a series of ricochet effects.

Technological determinism is viewed and categorized as hard determinism and soft determinism.

Hard determinism: Technology is strictly viewed as a powerful and influential force that controls social activity. Society organizes itself to meet the needs of technology, the outcome of which is beyond society's control.

Gentle determinism: Technology is seen as a leading force in helping society develop, but people still have the opportunity to make decisions based on the outcome.

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