Tax system of Lithuania

When Lithuania joined the EU, the tax system was adapted to EU law. Corporations and essentially all other businesses are subject to corporation tax. It is a classic corporate tax system. With other corporations there are crediting and discount options, which greatly reduce the double burden. The tax rate is 15 %. Individuals are subject to income tax.
In the case of employees, it is levied as part of a wage tax. The tax rate is 15 % or 33 % (two-tier tariff). the value added tax is included as an all-phase tax according to EU requirements Input tax deduction raised. The regular tax rate is 18 %, reduced tax rates of 5 % and 9 % exist. There is no wealth tax, but inheritance and gift tax is levied. There are around 30 DBAs, which are largely the OECD-MA correspond, as well as an external tax law.

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