Tax advice - what and for whom?

Hauptträger der Steuerberatung sind tax consultant, Steuerbevollmächtigte, Wirtschaftsprüfer, vereidigte Buchprüfer und Rechtsanwälte. Andere Personen, Unternehmen und Institutionen können nur in einem begrenzten Rahmen eine steuerliche Beratung ausüben (Reserved duties). Nach Rose ist die Steuerberatung in Deklarations-, Durchsetzungs- und Gestaltungsberatung zu differenzieren.
According to empirical studies, the focus is on past-oriented advice in the areas of bookkeeping, annual financial statements and tax returns. However, these services are increasingly IT-supported. Tax structuring advice, general business advice and advice on legal remedies will gain in importance, but will increase in the future.

The consultants are mainly addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises. European and international advice still plays a subordinate role. In addition, commercial, corporate and competition law regulations must be observed. There is therefore a tendency towards national and European cooperation with other advisors in order to guarantee a diverse range of advisory services. Non-tax laws create additional need for advice.

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