What is tautology?
Tautology is a type of logic construct that can be applied in IT. It refers to a redundant logic in which a principle is reformulated or is evident in its expression.
In some cases, the tautology can be applied to certain types of computer science or programming principles. For example, a computer draft can be created to verify the "tautology check".

Code modules are written to test that all the criteria for the tautology are met, to determine whether an object represents a tautology.

The use of tautology and tautology testing is an example of the overlap between computer programming and advanced mathematics. Because computer programming relies on a rigid syntax to communicate with the hard logic of a machine's language, programmers and engineers often discuss concepts in terms of higher mathematical principles and equations.

The use of conventions such as tautology shows how the algorithms of today's technology are reminiscent of the complex equations that mathematicians have always performed cognitively in the human brain.

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