Abandonment of industrial companies

The industrial operation (factory operation) has the task of transforming raw materials and basic materials (steel, cement, plastics, artificial leather, etc.) into unfinished and finished products through machining and processing, through mechanical or chemical transformation (refinement).
The characteristic features of industrial production are:

  • high capital investment
  • weitgehende Verwendung von Maschinen und maschinellen Anlagen, weitgehende Division of labor
  • Employment of a large number of semi-skilled and unskilled workers, a well-developed corporate accounting system
  • supraregional sales

Program and product planning is the focus of special planning in industrial operations. The following relationship arises in a typical industrial company:
The long-term program defines which company services are to be offered in 3 and more years (service program). It presupposes an appropriate equipment with frequent changes (investments).

The medium-term program extends over a period of 1 to 2 years. It defines which products can be manufactured with the existing equipment (production program).

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