Target coverage time

The target replenishment time is the time until which the stock and the order stock should be sufficient. It is determined as part of the need-related supplementation of material stocks for A-goods and, if necessary, also for B-goods.

Avoid service interruptions

In order to avoid service interruptions, the following times must be covered:

Replenishment lead time - Tw
Review time - TU
Longer of the planning period - Tp
Safety time - Ts

The day of the order TX represents the starting date in which the deadline calculation is made. This can be used to calculate the point in time at which the effective inventory will be increased.

Order process

An order process is triggered when the target stocking time is greater than the Actual coverage time is. The target delivery date Toll must be calculated for the ordering process.

This is the last possible date that ensures readiness for delivery. It results from the actual replacement date minus the safety time Ts and the inspection time Tu.

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