System logistics

System logistics means supplying customers with a full range of products in a specific area (e.g. beverages or frozen food), with all items requested by the customer being offered in one delivery, regardless of the manufacturer.

The system supplier collects the products of different manufacturers, compiles picked lots with the articles and quantities requested by the customer and carries out the delivery to the customer. This efficient delivery results in numerous advantages for the customer. If a manufacturer carries out the system logistics on its own, the following competitive advantages can result:

  • Intensive contact with customers
  • Customer loyalty through high service
  • Opportunity to offer your own products

The system logistician initially fulfills a forwarding function, although additional services are provided that are not usual for the forwarding agent. Such additional services are z. B. Storage of extensive assortments, picking of articles for a partial delivery, placement of the goods in the customer's sales room and invoicing.

In order to be able to cover larger regions, system logisticians often cooperate with several spatially distributed partners. This cooperation requires a smoothly functioning data exchange between the administration center and the individual partners.

Bei Anwendung von Informationssystemen, die auch logistische Anforderungen berücksichtigen, können Anfahrtswege, Leerfahrten sowie Wartezeiten reduziert und damit Auslieferungskosten eingespart werden (Administrative logistics).

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