Definition of synectics

Synectics is a creativity techniquewhich brings about a combination of elements that do not belong together by nature. Often in a creative process the emotional, irrational side is much more important than the rational.

new impulses through synectics

First of all, it is important to familiarize yourself with the foreign, to open up to it. In the context of alienating processes, the employee tries to put himself in the position of an object by creating analogies. This is done to give the irrational influences the opportunity to unfold. In this way, an employee receives new impulses.

Then an attempt is made to make the familiar strange, i.e. to distance oneself from the familiar and to see the problems to be solved from a new perspective. The alienation of known facts is intended to prevent bias. Some creative solutions can be overlooked without this technique.

Formation of analogies

The results are usually achieved by forming analogies to other areas of life.

Example: The grasping process of an animal is observed for the development of a machine and analogously transferred to the problem to be solved. As a result, it may be possible to develop a corresponding gripper arm for the machine.

Since the synectic is not easy to use, it requires a careful selection of suitable persons, e.g. B. People with high creativity potential and logical thinking skills.

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