Summary job evaluation

Die summarische Job evaluation betrachtet den Gegenstand der Bewertung als geschlossene Einheit. Es erfolgt eine Gesamtbeurteilung der Arbeitsanforderungen. Verfahren der summarischen Arbeitsbewertung sind:
The precedence procedure - in which all the work that has to be done is initially listed on the basis of the job descriptions and then ranked according to the degree of difficulty of the work by comparing them in pairs or by mutual comparison.

The wage group procedure - in which several wage and salary groups are presented with different degrees of difficulty and explained by content descriptions and examples. It is also called the catalog procedure and is often used in collective agreements.

Both methods of summary job evaluation are easy to use, inexpensive and easy to understand. With the ranking method, however, the evaluation is subjective, the types of requirements are unweighted and the ranking differences are unknown. The wage group method does not sufficiently take into account individual circumstances and technical developments.

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