Suffix tree

What is suffix tree?
Ein Suffixbaum ist ein Werkzeug, das oft zur Analyse von Textstrings verwendet wird. Es ist eine Art digitaler Baum, der algorithmische Methoden verwendet, um die Struktur einer String und ihrer Teilmengen aufzudecken. Es ist eine Art von Patricia-Baum, eine Struktur, die verwendet wird, um eine Reihe von Strings zu speichern.
Suffix trees can be used for many things. In general, these trees contain all subsets of a given text string. To do this, other text strings can be matched against the suffix tree to see if they are in the initial string input.

The suffix tree was developed over time by Weiner and McCreight in the 1970s and Ukkonen in the 1990s. The visual adjustments of a suffix tree show how the subsets of the text string are handled by the algorithm. Alternatively, a suffix tree in mathematical notation can be used.
Suffix trees are generally used to find specific sub-patterns within a larger set of strings. Programmers use suffix tree search to make searches efficient to find each instance in which a given substring is represented in the data structure. Suffix tree searches can be used to find DNA sequences, research coordinates, or other types of string data.

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