Strategic marketing controlling

Das strategische Marketing controlling umfasst in erster Linie:

  • The analysis of the product market portfolio (portfolio analysis)
  • The strategic program policy (product range policy)
  • Planning new products (innovation)

Marketing controlling has to work closely with marketing in these areas. Marketing controlling has a coordinating and informational support function for marketing management in the strategic area.

As part of strategic marketing controlling, the shift in focus in the buyer structure for certain products must be recognized in good time and checked for their significance. In addition, one of the tasks of marketing controlling is to systematically analyze the competition. A competition file must be set up and the analysis carried out in relation to products, customers and activities.

In cooperation with marketing management, controlling divides the strategic business units (SBU).

When preparing the portfolio analysis, the assessment team should also include marketing controlling. It has the following tasks:

  • Ensuring that the analysis runs efficiently
  • Support and advice for marketing experts in setting up operational evaluation criteria
  • Coordinating the gathering of information for the analysis of criteria
  • Critical analysis and review of the results

In the strategic program policy, marketing controlling has the task of systematically carrying out the program review; this is done in cooperation with various departments. In order to decide whether a product should be removed from the range of offers, sales, costs, contribution margins and other information must be compiled. This affects the past few years, but also includes a forecast. Furthermore, it must be analyzed to what extent marketing costs can be reduced when removing them.

The influence on the economic success of other products must also be examined, as well as hidden costs of a product (visits to representatives, order processing, complaints, delivery). The tasks of Marketing Controlling also include examining sales, profits and contribution margins for individual product groups or strategic business units according to articles, customers, areas and sales channels, as well as carrying out a comparative calculation of in-house production / external procurement.

When planning new products, marketing controlling has to develop criteria for the selection of product ideas, coordinate the use of the selection process (drawing up checklists and evaluation profiles), support marketing management in evaluating the individual ideas, and coordinate the results of the pre-selection and summarize. With regard to the

Marketing Controlling analyzes and evaluates profitability of the product ideas to be assessed according to results and prepares a risk analysis.

Im Rahmen der Planung neuer Produkte fallen noch weitere Controlling-Aufgaben an: Planned cost accounting, Berechnung der Marketing-Kosten, Entwicklung alternativer Strategien, Break-Even-Analyse und Risikorechnung. Bei letzterer werden unterschiedliche Ergebnisvarianten errechnet (beispielsweise pessimistisch, normal, optimistisch); es können auch alternative Konzepte in die Berechnung einbezogen und für unterschiedliche Ergebnisse Wahrscheinlichkeiten geschätzt werden.

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