Storage management software

What is storage management software?
is a type of program specially designed to manage storage solutions such as storage networks. It provides important services such as mirroring, replication, compression, traffic analysis, virtualization, security and disaster recovery.

These types of software are typically sold as value-added options that run on servers and are designed to manage resources such as network attached storage (NAS) devices.
Storage management software is used in everything from desktop computers to mainframes and includes products that operate on a limited or single set of devices, as well as those that work universally and support a heterogeneous set of devices.

Storage management software also uses hierarchical storage management (HSM) systems that back up data from main memory to slower, less expensive storage devices.

The market to which this software belongs is divided into seven segments. Storage management software is the sum of all these segments and provides all of the tools needed to manage the performance, capacity, and availability of the data stored on disk or any storage device attached to the system.

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