Storage Area Network Monitoring Tool

What is Storage Area Network Monitoring Tool?
A storage area network monitoring (SAN) monitoring tool assists in monitoring a storage network with certain storage hardware attached to a server or otherwise consolidated into a single operational network. SAN monitoring tools help users monitor these networks and troubleshoot or diagnose problems. SAN monitoring tools are strategically placed relative to servers and hardware to provide certain types of access to the network.
Many SAN monitoring tools provide easy-to-use digital displays that show certain types of information about the network, such as: B. the device configuration, the performance status and the type of data forwarding in the entire network. These tools can copy network traffic in the storage area and send this information to a database where users can evaluate activity throughout the “fabric” of a storage network.

In addition to basic monitoring, some SAN monitoring tools have special features that provide advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting. A particular SAN monitoring resource may provide detailed information about port activity or errors occurring on a network. Other features may include elements such as those offered by certain Cisco SAN products that can effectively separate multiple networks operating within a single physical hardware environment.

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