Stakeholder analysis

Also known as: Project environment analysis, environment analysis, force field analysis

In the stakeholder analysis, all stakeholders involved in a project are related to each other and prioritized in order to take them into account with specific strategies in the project.

Definition / explanation

Die Stakeholderanalyse wird im Projektmanagement eingesetzt. Als Stakeholder (Interessenträger) werden alle diejenigen Personen und Institutionen bezeichnet, die auf das Projekt Einfluss nehmen. Das Ziel der Analyse ist es, bereits in einer frühen Phase der Project planning herauszufinden, wer genau auf welche Weise an dem Projekt beteiligt ist.

Goal of the stakeholder analysis

In the course of a project, numerous people from different areas work together with different expectations, values and qualifications. The aim of the stakeholder analysis is to make the project management aware of this at the beginning of their planning. In this way, she is able to identify factors that could endanger the implementation of the project at an early stage and to take appropriate measures.

Methods for stakeholder analysis

Efficient methods for stakeholder analysis are, for example, environment or force field analysis. The expectations, qualifications and values of those involved are listed, categorized and evaluated.

The result provides the project management with information on how great the influence of the individual people is on the project, how high the degree of risk for the project as a whole is to be assessed and how they can minimize these risks or even better the potential of those involved can use.

These findings thus form the basis for the subsequent communication planning. The information policy in the further course of the project is coordinated with the individual stakeholders according to the results of the analysis.

To use: The stakeholder analysis is therefore an effective means of reducing the potential for conflict in the context of project management.


  • In the case of stakeholder analysis, all stakeholders involved in a project are related to one another
  • The aim is to avoid conflict situations between the stakeholders that could endanger the implementation of the project
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