Staff appraisal

The personnel appraisal includes all measures for the systematic assessment of the employee potential. It can take place in the entry phase (probationary period, performance phase (work) and exit phase (reference) of the employee.

modern management tool

The personnel appraisal serves as a modern management tool:

The deployment of staff, because it is essential for optimizing staffing, promotion, transfer and when making decisions about redundancies.


Personnel remuneration, because only through an objective performance appraisal is it possible to pay employees in line with their performance.

Personnel development

Personnel development, because in regular form it is used to select employees worthy of promotion or to determine training goals and assess the results of personnel development.

Problems can lie in the workload caused by the staff appraisal, in possible conflicts between the appraiser and the appraised and in the risk of incorrect appraisals. Assessment errors are possible if the assessor takes too much of himself or feels sympathy / antipathy for / towards the person being assessed.

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