SQL Server Business Intelligence (SQL Server BI)

What is SQL Server Business Intelligence (SQL Server BI)?
SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) is a suite of tools that transform raw data into information that organizations can use in decision-making. It previously included the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) IDE in previous versions of Microsoft SQL Server, but has been replaced by SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence since the Visual Studio 2010 release.
Microsoft SQL Server includes tools that make business intelligence, the transformation of raw data into actionable information, easier.

Previously, SQL Server used Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) to enable developers to transform data. Since Visual Studio 2010, however, it has been replaced by SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence. This enables Visual Studio users to quickly create and test business intelligence programs.

The business intelligence tools enable developers to perform extract, transform and load (ETL) operations on data from data warehouses. Applications include performance metrics, analytics, corporate reporting, and knowledge management.

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