What is spamdexing?
Spamdexing is the practice of keyword stuffing or other manipulation of an index for a website with the intention of increasing the website's ranking on search engines.

Spam indexing is technically a part of the process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in which web designers / developers create web pages that are high on the search engine results page. However, the IT community has generally categorized Spamdexing as part of "Black Hat SEO," which are unethical methods of rating websites.
The methods used for SPAM indexing vary, including creating dummy content pages, trapping keywords in meta tags, or promoting certain index results.

Along with many other types of black hat SEO techniques, Spamdexing has been a great source of frustration for Google's dominant search engine operator as the company is constantly innovating algorithms for rewarding honest pages and punishing unscrupulous websites.

Some types of spandexing and black hat SEO techniques are generally outdated as Google's algorithms are updated and changed the way Internet sites are ranked.

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