Determination of sources of supply

Determination of sources of supply ist Teil der Procurement market research, der auf die Sicherstellung der Materialversorgung durch das rechtzeitige Auffinden neuer Bezugsquellen (Bezugsquellensicherung) abzielt. Die Bezugsquellenermittlung beginnt mit Anfragen an potenzielle Lieferanten. Sie können schriftlich oder mündlich erfolgen, wobei insb. die schriftliche Form primär auf die Informationsbeschaffung zur Bezugsquellenermittlung ausgerichtet ist. Anfragen können bereits technische Spezifikationen und wirtschaftliche Bedingungen enthalten.

They are used to obtain an offer that can be subjected to an offer review. This consists of a formal and a material test. While the formal check is intended to ensure correctness, completeness and clarity, the material check is based on technical and economic criteria. You can then carry out a supplier evaluation in the form of an offer comparison.
The profile analysis tool can be used to compare the offers with one another and with the requirements. For this purpose, all relevant characteristics, regardless of their quantifiability, are divided into five to seven evaluation levels and recorded in a table. Each decision alternative is assigned a rating in each characteristic. By connecting all ratings of an alternative, a profile can be created for each alternative. It is also possible to create a requirement profile. If the profile of an alternative is completely above the requirements profile (or above the profiles of the other alternatives), the alternative meets the requirements (or is the best possible alternative).

The sources of supply selected on the basis of the offer check can be saved in a source of supply file (or card index) for later use. This contains all available suppliers, grouped according to the individual procurement goods. It is therefore an important organizational aid for the procurement department.

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