Software requirement

Users place particularly strict requirements on the software. The use of software that is unsatisfactory for a company can result in a loss of productivity. The following requirements are of particular importance:

Software ergonomics - The software must be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly, easy to use and reliable, ie every employee can use it without any problems.

System architecture - uniform user support and uniform applications must be given. The development is not yet finished here.

Response time - The time between sending a screen content and displaying an answer on the screen should be as short as possible. However, the response time is only partly determined by the software.

Ease of maintenance - a clear program structure, structured programming and understandable documentation are expected. The ease of care is essential for the user. Maintaining the programs requires a large number of employees in the programming departments.

Stability - System failures must be avoided because they lead to work delays and additional costs. In addition to great stability for the hardware and the system software, this is particularly true for every dialog application program.

Portability - The software should be able to be easily transferred from one system to another. It must z. B. programs can be transferred from one computer to another computer. Some software companies offer application programs for mainframes and personal computers.

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