Software protection dongle

What is software protection dongle?
Ein Softwareschutz-Dongle ist ein kleines Hardwaregerät, das an einen Computer-E / A-Port angeschlossen wird, um kommerzielle Software zu authentifizieren. Es stellt den Schutz der Software sicher, indem die Software funktionsunfähig gemacht wird, wenn ein erforderliches Hardwaregerät nicht angeschlossen ist.
Software without a dongle will either not run completely or will operate in restricted mode. This term is also known as hardware token, security device, Steinberg key and hardware key. These are protected names used by various manufacturers.

Software equipped with a dongle sends a request to the I / O port for authentication, first at startup and then at scheduled intervals. If the request does not meet the expected validation code, the program will automatically terminate.
Although software dongles do not offer a complete security solution for protecting media content, they are often used to limit piracy and to enforce digital rights management. It is difficult to make an illegal copy of a dongle.

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