Software audit

What is software audit?
During a software audit, software is analyzed and observed. The word audit is a generic term for analysis, and a software audit can consist of several types of reviews.
Some types of software audits are related to license compliance software. Others relate to how the software works. There are also special types of software audits that show how a software product is configured and how it is used in a broader IT structure.

Software audits can be carried out by internal parties such as development teams or external companies or consultants. Some exams require teamwork, with a lead auditor directing the team's efforts. Software audits are usually based on specific IT tools that help with the type of facts required for the particular audit.
This can mean the use of analysis tools for security or functionality checks. Compliance audits can include proprietary tools to review when software changes hands or when there is a need to review its status.

Reports from groups like Forrester Research show that instances of software audits are on the rise and that these audits can create significant problems for tech companies. It is important for managers to know how often and why different types of audits are conducted and how to prepare for them.

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