Social measure

What is a social measure

The social measure is an action by the company that the Personnel care is attributable. It can also be related to staff pay and leadership. The following social measures can be distinguished:

Cafeteria system

The individual employee is given the opportunity to select social benefits and / or benefits above the collective bargaining agreement from given alternatives or according to their personal needs. Characteristic are:

  • The individualization of social wages in the company
  • The periodically recurring option for employees
  • The choice of several alternatives

Variably selectable are z. B. Types of social benefits or social institutions, working hours from various alternatives (e.g. part-time) or forms of profit-sharing. The employee thus compiles his own individual menu from a social service offer.


It is a form of employee advice that relates to the special development of systems or the development of personal initiative by employees. A manager is looked after personally by an internal and / or external consultant (coach) over a certain period of time. The advice also relates to technical problems. Features are:

  • Promotion of the personal development of the employee
  • Mediation of management qualifications
  • Impulse generator for the manager to help himself.


It is designed with new employees in mind. The development of the system should take place through continuous support and guidance for personal initiative or through encouragement to be willing to learn. Supervisors, internal consultants or experts act as supervisors, e. B .:

  • Experienced employees take care of the next generation
  • Younger employees are looked after by older employees.
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