What is SlideRocket?
SlideRocket is a software as a service (SaaS) tool that enables users to design, manage, and share feature-rich web presentations.

SlideRocket offers all the features, functions and functions of a presentation development tool, but is fully accessed on the provider's remote cloud infrastructure. Sliderocket is now a property of VMware Inc. and is available on a monthly basis.
SlideRocket Presentation Creation Tool enables users to create a fully featured presentation with pictures, audio, video, and other special effects. It also provides a way to publish and integrate these applications into web pages.

SlideRocket works as a typical presentation creation application and provides user statistics, analysis, trends and numbers. These are useful for measuring the effectiveness of the presentation. Presentations created with SlideRocket are easily accessible via a site presentation url link and do not require any compatibility, software or platform requirements to view.

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