What is slacktivism?
Slacktivism is a term that combines the words "lazy" and "activism" to refer to simple actions used in support of a problem or social cause in which participants make virtually no effort.
Slacktivism is most commonly associated with actions such as signing online petitions, copying social network status, or joining social networks. Critics of Slacktivism claim that these actions are for participatory gratification only because they lack commitment, engagement, and have no tangible effect in promoting a cause.

Slacktivism is online, especially on social media, where status, information, images and avatars are posted and shared, ostensibly to raise awareness within the Slacktivist network.
Although slacktivism is derogatory, a U.S. study conducted by the University of Georgetown's Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) and Ogilvy Worldwide found that those who engage in slacktivism are more likely to contribute to a cause than non-slacktivists.

This could include donating money and time, and even recruiting others to join a cause. As a result, nonprofits have begun to put slacktivists in a more favorable light. Instead of being viewed as non-contributors, slacktivists are now viewed as potential (and more likely) recruits to an organization's cause.

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