Silicon photonics

What is silicon photonics?
Silizium-Photonik ist die innovative Studie und Anwendung von photonischen Systemen zur Erzeugung, Verarbeitung, Manipulation und anderweitigen Verwendung von Licht für eine schnellere Datenübertragung zwischen und innerhalb von Mikrochips. Silizium wird als optisches Medium verwendet. Der business erfolgt in Infrarotwellenlängen (üblicherweise 1,55 Mikrometer), die in faseroptischen Telekommunikationssystemen verwendet werden.
Silicon photonics, with its ultra-fast data transfer between and within microchips, will significantly determine future progress in computer technology and the continuation of the Moore Law.

Silicon photonics is being extensively researched by both IBM and Intel for semiconductor manufacturing techniques. These techniques integrate both optical and electronic components on microchips while attempting to validate Moore's Law, which says the number of transistors in an integrated circuit should double every two years.

The presence of nonlinearities and nonlinear optical phenomena (such as the Kerr effect, Raman effect, free carrier interactions, and two-photon absorption) allow light to interact with light, which enables many things of great scientific interest, including optical signaling and silicon waveguides.

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