What is shovelware?
Shovelware is a derogatory term for software that was either developed quickly without regard to quality, features and functions, or software that was imposed on customers as preinstalled on laptops or smartphones by their respective network operators. Shovelware refers to low-quality software that is divided into three categories:
It's developed quickly: these should be developed quickly. There is often no reference to function or usefulness, and the goal of the test may simply be to get the software to work most of the time. This is mostly true of games designed for consoles or the web.

It is forced on customers: Pre-installed software on laptops and on carrier-distributed phones usually comes with shovelware. It is also called "bloatware" because it only serves to slow down the device and take up valuable storage space. Some of these programs cannot be removed from the device. Other examples are those that are installed with other software web browser bars.

It's Filler: In the days when software usually came in CD and DVD ROMs, shovelware was supposed to fill the rest of the hard drive space.

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