What is shelfware?
Shelfware is a term for software that has been bought but never used. Typically, software becomes shelfware when a user chooses to purchase it for a large discount or for a future need, but does not use or install that software.
Shelfware ist keine abwertende Bezeichnung und kann für jede Software gelten, auch für solche, die weit verbreitet sind und verwendet werden. Software wird abhängig vom Benutzer und nicht von der Software selbst, aber im Fall von Shovelware and Bloatware wird sie oft auch zu einer Regalware, da es oft nicht notwendig oder wünschenswert ist, das Produkt zu verwenden. Dadurch bleibt das Regal auf den Regalen oder Geräten unbenutzt.

A big reason software becomes shelfware is when companies license more software than they actually need because of a good discount. For example, if software costs $ 100 per copy but only costs $ 45 when buying 100 copies, a company can buy 100 copies even if it only has 50 employees.

In this case, if you bought 50 copies of 100 $, you would pay 5,000 $, but if you bought 100 copies of 45 $, you would only spend 4,500 $, which is still cheaper. There are also a large number of copies that can be used in the future as the number of users increases. In the meantime, the other 50 copies will become shelfware.

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