Service policy

The service policy is an important marketing tool. The subject of the service policy is the optimal design of a company's customer service. Starting points for the design are ...

  • the service staff
  • the service program
  • the quality of service
  • the service network
  • the service time
  • the service prices

The general objective of the service policy is to build and maintain profitable long-term relationships with customers. This objective includes the following individual objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Strengthening the acquisition potential
  • Creation of preferences
  • Enlargement of the monopolistic scope for the pricing of the main services

Eine gute Servicepolitik wirkt sich günstig auf den Absatz der Hauptleistungen des Unternehmens aus. Zufriedene Kunden bleiben dem Unternehmen treu und betreiben positive Word-of-mouth advertising für das Unternehmen und seine Produkte.

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