Service marketing

Service marketing is the targeted, market-based orientation, management and corresponding design of all activities of individual economies that offer services on the market. As individual economies in this sense, z. B. Companies, universities, authorities. Marketing-relevant characteristics of services are:

• Individuality: Services are to a large extent services that relate to individuals. The employees in service companies do not all perform the same, because the individual willingness to perform and the qualifications are different. That is why customers often want the service of a certain person.

• Complexity: Services are often structured very differently. Unlike products, services cannot be exchanged or returned. A rework is only possible to a limited extent.

• Quality: Services must have a potential quality, a process quality and a result quality. The image of the price, provider or company are important criteria for quality assessment.

• Time: A service cannot be stored or produced in advance by the provider. This eliminates the storage problems in service marketing.

Die Entscheidungen im Rahmen der Produktpolitik, Kontrahierungspolitik, Distribution policy and Communication policy über die Ausgestaltung obiger und weiterer Leistungsmerkmale (Handel, Transport, Standort, Kundenbeteiligung usw.) sind wesentliche Bestandteile des Dienstleistungsmarketing.

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