Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

What is Service Delivery Platform (SDP)?
A Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is a platform that provides a structure for service delivery, including controls for service sessions and logs for service usage. This term is common in the telecommunications industry. It can be important for services that need to bridge multiple platforms or technologies.

However, a service delivery platform tends to be designed for a specific delivery in a single telecommunications format.
Some industry experts offer slightly different definitions for this term. Some describe a service delivery platform as an IT environment that helps support different types of service creation and delivery, such as those that require collaboration or use more than one type of network.

The common elements of a service delivery platform include service creation tools, service orchestration resources, and execution strategy resources.

In the telecommunications industry, companies use service delivery platforms for services such as messaging services, VoIP services, and other types of telecommunications services. Another definition of a service delivery platform is that SDPs can be designed to manage and sell services between different companies that can provide different elements of a service.

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